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Clear-Fusion(TM)NanoPax Glass Protection For Any Surface

Clear-Fusion(TM)V is clearly the answer for the home or business owner who wants the protection synonymous with the DFI name in a Do-It-Yourself product. It comes in 4 oz./118 ml, 16 oz./473 ml and 1 liter/34 fl. oz spray bottles, as well as the award-winning NanoPax_ series in pre-portioned towelettes that make the application process even easier.The price shown is for the NanoPax_ series in pre-portioned towelettes. The spray bottles can be purchase at additional cost. While Diamon-Fusion_ is DFI s flagship protective coating, it may not present the right fit for all customers. Clear-Fusion(TM)V is right for you. For the (do-it-yourself) enthusiast Clear-Fusion(TM)V Protective Coating offers an easy-to-use, self-application coating process for silica-based surfaces such as glass, cell phones, porcelain, tile and granite, ensuring the treated surfaces are water repellent, as well as more stain, scratch and impact resistant. Clear-Fusion(TM)V seals and protects shower doors, counter tops, sinks, toilets, mirrors, windows, tiled walls, cell phones and many other common surfaces in homes, businesses and managed facilities. This makes maintenance easier by preventing mineral deposits and soap scum build-up, thus requiring less frequent cleaning. And better yet, when cleaning is required, Clear-Fusion(TM) V makes the few deposits that do occur much easier to remove. Clear-Fusion(TM)V eliminates the need for harsh chemical cleaners Many consumers face common problems with trying to clean deeply ingrained stains that stubbornly refuse to completely disappear, or stains that persistently reappear not long after vigorous and time-consuming cleaning. In trying to combat these stains, many consumers use increasingly strong and corrosive cleaners that not only exude potentially harmful fumes and residues, posing harmful risks to their health but also pollute the environment. In addition, by significantly reducing the frequent use of harsh cleaners, Clear-Fusion(TM) V helps you do your part to protect the environment-- eliminating harmful chemicals that can reach our streams, lakes and oceans, and the air that we breathe.Normally Ships in 1-2 Business Days. Discount Available For Product and Shipping For Large Orders.

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Surface Maid (TM) By DFI Glass Protection (SCFS5)

DFI, the maker of the patented Diamon-Fusion(TM) coating, proudly introduces Surface Maid(TM) the best do it yourself coating for glass, tile, porcelain and granite in the marketplace. Our Glass Protector comes on a Pre-moistened towelette, individually packaged that covers up to 14 square feet. This patented process will make glass scratch resistant, stain and water resistant, and easy to clean. This nanotechnology-like shield, creates a protective seal coating on the glass to make it up to 10 times more scratch resistant than untreated glass for you to 5 years. Excellent for table tops, mirrors, shower doors, windshield, sinks, ceramics, granite and any other glass-like surfaces.

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