Solid Wood Twin Size Mates Bed 3062(PC) Solid Wood Twin Size Mates Bed 3062(PC) Default Manufacturer Solid Pine Wood Mates Bed With Single Bookcase. Bed with Double Bookcase. 3062pc 3062 View Offer
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Solid Wood Twin Size Mates Bed 3062(PC)

Solid Wood Twin Size Mates Bed 3062(PC)
Solid Pine Wood Mates Bed With Single Bookcase. Bed with Double Bookcase (3002(PC), is also available. Also available in Full Size. Strong Construction. Comes ready to assemble. The Mattress, Four Drawers and other case good shown are optional at extra cost. You can choose these options below.

#3062 Twin Bookcase Mates Bed (85 In.(L) x 41 In.(W) x 31 In.(H))
#3960 Four-Drawer Under Bed Unit (75 In.(L) x 14 In.(W) x 8-1/4 In.(H))
#3926 Mini Six-Drawer Dresser (43 In.(L) x 16 In.(W) x 31 In.(H)
#3051 Mirror (27 In.(L) x 2 In.(W) x 38 In.(H))
#3930 TV Stand (30 In.(L) x 16 In.(W) x 26 In.(H))

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Color Option*
Mahogany Finish is a Water Based, Low VOC, Non-Flammable, Low Odor Stain. No varnish is applied. This makes it very easy to touch up. Unfinished products have no stain or varnish applied. Unfinished products are sanded and ready for you to apply your own finish.

Antique White ($100.00)
Barn Finish ($100.00)
Multi Color Finish ($100.00)
Black/Antique Two Tone Distressed ($100.00)
Barn Antique Two Tone Distressed ($100.00)
Coffee Stain Finishes ($100.00)
Ginger Stain ($100.00)
Walnut Finish ($100.00)
Loft Handle Type*
Matching Bed Options

Can Be Purchase In any of the colors below.
(Click Here) For Additional Options
3952 (PC) Two-Drawer Night Stand ($115.00)
To Remove The Bottom Bed From Order
3940 (PC) TV Stand ($220.00)
3930 (PC) TV Cart ($155.00)
3939 (PC) Locker Hutch ($220.00)
3965 (PC) Jumbo Five-Drawer Chest ($280.00)
3922 (PC) Two-Drawer Chest ($135.00)
3051L (PC) Landscape Mirror ($110.00)
3041 (PC) Open Bookcase 43x16x49 ($230.00)
3936 (PC) Seven Drawer Dresser 53x16x35 ($300.00)
3031 (PC) Mirror Hutch 43x08x40 ($130.00)
3926 (PC) Mini Six-Drawer Dresser 43x16 ($230.00)
3945 Five-Drawer Lingerie Chest 16x16x49 ($150.00)
3949 Computer Desk 53x16x31 ($300.00)
3943 Entertainment Center 43x16x49 ($340.00)
3057 Storage Trunk 36x16x15 ($130.00)
3942 (PC) Four-Drawer Bookcase 43x16x49 ($300.00)
3959 Computer Desk 43x16x31 ($210.00)
3953 (PC) Three-Drawer Chest ($155.00)
3059H Desk Hutch Top 43x16x22 ($90.00)
3954 (PC) Four-Drawer Chest ($199.00)
3956 (PC) Six-Drawer Dresser ($295.00)
3955 (PC) Five-Drawer Chest ($220.00)
3_60(PC) Four-Drawer Under Bed Storage U ($140.00)
To Make The Bed Extra Long ($50.00)
Add Bed Slats or Bunkie Board Option
Two Sets Of Bed Slats ($80.00)
One Set Of Bed Slats ($40.00)
Flametard For Wood , Fabric And Many....
Flametard For Fabric (Gallon) ($79.00)
Flametard For Fabric (Quart Spray) ($30.00)
Flametard For Wood (Gallon) ($79.00)
Add A Pillow Case Option
Blue Package Of Two Pillow Cases ($10.00)
White Flannel Package Of One Pillow Case ($15.00)
White Package Of Two Pillow Cases ($10.00)
32-2120-601(AFA) Studio Foam Chair Sleep ($175.00)
Black Convertible Guest Bed Game Chair N ($185.00)
32-2120-610(AFA) Studio Foam Chair Sleep ($175.00)
Futon Black Chair 4029BLK(ML) ($179.95)
Black Chair Mattress 5004(ML) ($179.95)
Futon Silver Chair 4029SLV(ML) ($179.95)
Black Task Chair With Arms ($60.00)
In The Zone Loft Collection Comfy Lounge ($499.95)
Grey Task Chair ($45.00)
Grey Task Chair With Arms ($60.00)
Black Task Chair 6331(ML) ($45.00)
Laundry Helper
Heavy Duty Garment Rack With Storage 277 ($59.95)
Washing Machine Cover WM10217(HDSFS) ($19.95)
711(OI) Basic Garment Rack ($24.95)
Foldable Laundry Hamper ($38.95)
MH10442(HDS) Mesh Triple Sorter With Whe ($31.95)
SB10305(HDS) Single Hamper Non Woven ($15.95)
Edward Iron Organizer Complete With Iron ($175.00)
5114 (KDY) Double-Wide Laundry Hamper ($25.95)
Laundry Caddy Between W/D 4010(VH) ($49.95)
Add A Slumbersoft Waterproof Matt Pad
Waterproof Mattress Pad. Made Of Polyester Flannelatte Laminated Vinyl. Reversible For Longer Use And Durability. Anchor Bands At Each Corner. Hold Pad Firmly In Place. Hand Or Machine Washable.
Slumbersoft(EA) King Size Mattress Pad F ($35.95)
Slumbersoft(EA) Cot Size Mattress Pad Fo ($29.95)
Slumbersoft(EA) Twin Size Mattress Pad F ($29.95)
Slumbersoft(EA) Full Size Mattress Pad F ($32.95)
Slumbersoft(EA) Queen Size Mattress Pad ($34.95)
Add A Zippered Mattress Cover (EA)
Allergy And Mattress Protection. Dust-Free Soft Vinyl or 100% Cotton Mattress Cover.s Zipper Style. Create A Healthy Home Environment For Your Loved Ones. Safeguard Your Family From Common Allergic Reactions To Dust Particles And Dust Mites. Keeps Your Mattress Clean And Fresh. Sanitary Wipes Clean With Damp Cloth. We can make special sizes. Please contact us for pricing and information.
Full Size Vinyl Mattress Cover For 48 In ($32.95)
Queen Size Vinyl Mattress Cover For 60 I ($35.95)
King Size Vinyl Mattress Cover For 78 In ($39.95)
Cot Size Vinyl Mattress Cover For 30 In. ($29.95)
Twin Size Vinyl Mattress Cover For 39 In ($29.95)
RN24658(EA) Queen Size All Cotton Zipper ($29.00)
RN24658(EA) Full Size All Cotton Zippere ($32.95)
RN24658(EA) Cot Size All Cotton Zippered ($29.95)
RN24658(EA) Twin Size All Cotton Zippere ($29.95)
RN24658(EA) King Size All Cotton Zippere ($39.95)
Jersey Knit Sheet Set
100% Cotton Jersey Knit Sheet Set. Available In Cot Size And Twin Size. Set Includes 1-Fitted Sheet, 1-Flat Sheet And 1 Standard Pillowcase.

(Click Here)For A Larger Selection Of Sheet Sets
Blue Cot Size Sheet Set (EA) ($45.00)
Pink Cot Size Sheet Set (EA) ($45.00)
Blue Twin Size Sheet Set (EA) ($45.00)
Pink Twin Size Sheet Set (EA) ($45.00)
Add A Sheet Option

(Click Here)For A Larger Selection Of Colors And Sheets

This Fitted or Flat Sheet Never Needs Pressing Or Ironing. Features: Machine Washable, Wrinkle Resistant, Elastic Top And Bottom, 50% Poly-50% Cotton, Stronger Than Cotton, Less Than 1% Shrinkage, Stays Soft And Luxurious.
Twin Extra-Long Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set ($64.95)
(EA) White 48 In. Fitted Sheet ($20.00)
(EA) White Full Size Fitted Sheet ($19.00)
(EA) White Fitted-Percale-Cot Size ($19.00)
(EA) White Full Size Flat Sheet ($19.00)
(EA) White 48 In. Flat Sheet ($20.00)
(EA) White Flannel Flat-Percale-Cot Size ($25.00)
(EA) White Flat-Percale-Cot Size ($25.00)
(EA) White Flannel Flat-Percale-Twin Si ($25.00)
(EA) White Flat-Percale-Twin Size ($19.00)
(EA) White Flannel Fitted-Percale-Cot Si ($19.00)
(EA) White Flannel Fitted-Percale-Twin S ($25.00)
(EA) White Fitted-Percale-Twin Size ($19.00)
Add A Pillow Option
12S(AP) Soft Touch 100% Poly Filled ($6.95)
12GCFQUILTED(AP) Sleeping On Clouds 95.5 ($13.95)
10ADORE(AP)Jumbo Oversized And Overstuff ($12.95)
12SWEET(AP) Sweet Dream Extra Firm Pillo ($12.00)
(AP) White Always With You Body Pillow 2 ($18.00)
6DH(AP) Double Header Two For The Price ($15.95)
Shufujia(PT) Traveling Vacuum Pack Pillo ($12.95)
Add A Pillow Case Or Protector Option
Pillow Case White Package Of Two ($7.50)
Pillow Case White Flannel Package Of One ($5.00)
Pillow Case Blue Package Of Two ($7.50)
King Size 250 TC 100% Cotton Zippered Gu ($10.00)
Standard Size Vinyl Night Watch Zippered ($7.00)
Queen Size 250 TC 100% Cotton Zippered G ($9.00)
Standard Size 250 TC 100% Cotton Zippere ($8.00)
Add A Staircase Option To Your Bed
Staircase is free standing and can be used on either side of the bed. Like all of our case goods, the staircase unit is pre-assembled.

Three Step Staircase With Drawers Size: 34 In.(L) x 27 In.(W) x 48 In.(H).
Four Step Staircase With Drawers Size: 40-1/2 In.(L) x 29 In.(W) x 62-3/4 In.(H)
303A(PC) Three Step Staircase With Drawe ($320.00)
304A(PC) Four Step Staircase With Drawer ($360.00)
Add A Comforter Option
Adore Solid Comforter. Assorted Solid Color Reversible Comforter (Two Different Colors). Machine Washable. Colorfast. Shrinkage Controlled. Permanent Press.
Black Twin Size Comforter ($39.95)
Blue Twin Size Comforter ($39.95)
Full Size Any Color Comforter ($45.95)
Green Twin Size Comforter ($39.95)
White Twin Size Comforter ($39.95)
Pink Twin Size Comforter ($39.95)
King Size Any Color Comforter ($54.95)
Queen Size Any Color Comforter ($49.95)
Beige Twin Size Comforter ($39.95)
Add A Twin Size Mattress Option
M-002(TMC) Standard Foam 5 In. Twin Siz ($100.00)
(Set Of Two) Standard Inner Spring Twin ($400.00)
M-002(TMC) (Set Of Two) Standard 5 In. F ($190.00)
1134 (CO) Twin Size Bunkie Mattress ($125.00)
Standard Inner Spring Twin Size Mattres ($160.00)
(Set Of Two) Standard Inner Spring Full ($400.00)
1134 (CO)(Set Of Two) Twin Size Bunkie M ($400.00)
(Set Of Two) Standard Inner Spring Queen ($900.00)
3002(PC) Twin Size With Double Bookcase ($200.00)
3002F(PC) Full Size With Double Bookcase ($240.00)
3062(PC) Twin Size With Single Bookcase ($150.00)
3062F(PC) Full Size With Single Bookcase ($200.00)
39_(PC) Four-Drawer Under Bed Unit 75x14 ($130.00)
3930(PC) TV Cart ($150.00)
3926(PC) Mini Dresser ($230.00)
3051(PC) Mirror ($50.00)
Add A Full Size Mattress Option
M-003(TMC) Extra Long Full Size Standard ($250.00)
1135 (CO) Full Size Bunkie Mattress ($200.00)
M-003(TMC) (Set Of 2) Standard Foam 5’’ ($295.00)
1135 (CO)(Set Of Two )113_(CO) Full Size ($390.00)
M-003(TMC) Standard Foam 5’’ Full Size M ($150.00)
P-8001F(SO) (Set Of Two) Full Size Comfo ($390.00)
P-8001F(SO) Full Size Comfortaid Series ($200.00)
Add A Full Size Futon Mattress Option
5003 (ML) Innerspring, Full Size Futon ($225.00)
8 In. Futon Mattress Full Size Black ($140.00)
6 In. Futon Full Size Mattress Black ($125.00)
10 In. Black Full Size Mattress ($150.00)
Loft Or Bunk Bed Options

* Why worry about locking your room every time you need to run down the hall. With a dorm safe by you can keep your valuables safe. That is peace of mind for you, and your parents.
* Shipping is included in this price of the options.
* Youth Safety Rail Option includes the MDF Rails for Three sides, not Four as shown.
DV450(DV) Dorm Vaul Cuve Safe ($85.00)
Solid Wood Lamp Shelf (USM) ($25.00)
DV700(DV) Dorm Vaul Laptop Safe ($109.00)
Add A Storage Option
Solid Wood Unfinished Storage Chest 30L ($159.95)
STT-M(TO) Black Medium Steel Trunk 30 In ($130.00)
STT-L(TO) Black Large Steel Trunk 32 In. ($229.00)
STT-S(TO) Black Small Steel Trunk 30 In. ($120.00)
13125683(OFS) Natural Finish Solid Wood ($255.95)
Fashion Accessories
Black Sitsational Double Seater 32-6502- ($270.00)
Pink Sitsational Double Seater 32-6502-_ ($270.00)
(BB) Black ($100.00)
(BB) Solid Orange ($100.00)
(BB) Solid Blue ($100.00)
(BB) Solid White ($100.00)
Pink One Seat Sitsational Loungers 32-65 ($199.95)
Black One Seat Sitsational Loungers 32-6 ($199.95)
Deluxe Memory Foam Cube Ottoman 10737613 ($59.95)
Guest Beds
The Ritz Extra Long Folding Bed With 5 I ($599.95)
The Omega Rollaway Bed With Orthopedic M ($424.95)
The Hideaway Bed With Mattress FPB956(CN ($129.90)
Guest Folding Bed 92350 (LB) ($139.90)
Add A Closet Accessory
1483016(LK) Over The Door Closet ($29.95)
Shoe Box With Window SB10215(HDS) ($7.50)
Heavy Duty Hanging Rod ($24.95)
Beige Closet Organizer 10 Shelf SB10212( ($10.00)
1864(OI) Set of 2 Shelf Divider ($14.00)
148901(LK) Over Door Shelves And Shoe Ra ($40.00)
Over Door Adjustable Hooks148402(LK) ($9.95)
Suit Bag With Clear Panel SB10214(HDS) ($19.95)
Beige Over door Shoe Bag 20 Pocket SB102 ($10.00)
Beige Closet Organizer 6 Shelf SB10211(H ($10.00)
Double Hang 143020(LK) ($29.95)
360100(LK) Double Solid Wood Shoe Rack ( ($50.00)

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Twin Size Captain Bed With Trundle/Drawer Unit In Cherry Finish.

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Solid Wood Twin over Twin Size Captains Bed with Bed Trundle, Drawers and Bookcase. Mattress is not included. Available in Cherry and Oak Finish. Easy to assemble. Strong Construction.Size: 86 In.(L) x 42 In.(W) size is approximate.

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All Size Captain Bed HIB_(HO)

Captain bed is supported by a wooden platform, has drawers (with metal tracks) and shelves on the headboard which can accomodate most of your storage needs. Available in Twin, Full and Queen Sizes. Easy to assemble. Strong construction. Twin Size: H39 In. L85 In. W42.5 In. Full Size: H39 In. L85 In. W57.5 In. Queen Size: H39 In. L90 In. W63 In.

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Captains Bed HI827S(HO)

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Caballero Captain Bed CM7032_(IEM)

Mission Style Captain Bed In Dark Walnut Finish. Bed Features 4-Underbed Drawers And Storage. Available In Twin Size Or Full Size. Also Available(Sold Separately) Matching Nightstand, Chest, Dresser And Mirror. Made Of Solid Wood And Veneer. Strong Construction. Easy To Assemble.Dimensions:Twin: 78 In. x 44 In. x 35.5 In.(H)Full: 78 In. x 59 In. x 35.5 In.(H)Nightstand: 24 In. x 18 In. x 26 In.(H)Chest: 38 In. x 18 In. x 52 In.(H)Dresser: 63 In. x 18 In. x 34.5 In.Mirror: 37 In. x 2 In. x 48 In.(H)8410(ABC)

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