Flametard Fire Retardant Coating (FT)

Flametard products are non-toxic, formulations that prevent fires from starting or spreading by a chemically self-extinguishing action. They have a quality called intumescences, which means they swell up and char to prevent the flame/fire from reaching the fuel that they are protecting.

Our Wood products are tested and Listed by Underwriters Laboratories and meet or exceed NFPA and Building Code standards. We do not just meet UL standards, like our competitors. Class A and Class B wood products are UL Listed!

Our flame retardant products include; flame retardant liquids suitable for use on a wide range of wood or paper products as well as synthetic and natural textile fibers and blends; an extinguishing towel for small fires (such as stove fires); a craft spray for those crafty items that you would like protected; and Christmas tree protection.

Flametard uses include: Private Homes, Motels, Private multiple occupancy dwellings, Nursing homes, daycare centers, Hotels and Casinos, Hospitals, Jails and Prisons, And Many, many more.

Flametard products are complex chemical compounds. They are non-toxic after drying.

Our President is a retired Fire Captain from the San Francisco Bay Area with 13 years suppression, training and Rescue experience. He has worked closely with the manufacturing and development of these products for the last 10+ years.

Quantity Discount is available. Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses. Apply the coating in a well ventilated area or outdoors. If indoors, use a fan to bring in fresh air and to exhaust the fumes outside. The product has a very strong odor and will make eyes water if not applied in an open or well ventilated area. We recommend applying this outside if possible. Once dried, it produces no odor. For fabric, you spray it on and it has very little odor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What kinds of Products do you offer?

A. We offer 5 basic categories of products. The first category is wood protecting products. This includes Class A and Class B for wood. The second is a Fabric protecting product. The third category is Christmas Tree Protection. The fourth is our Extinguishing Towel products. The fifth is our Barrier Blanket products

Q. Your products are not one product for all applications like some of the other Companies out there?

A. No, we see each application as a unique problem. Since they are different problems, there must be different solutions.

Q. What is the concept behind your products? How do they work?

A. The concept is simple. Flame retardants slow down the spread of fire. BUT, there is a very often overlooked side to this concept. It is so simple that itĂs amazing that no one is talking about it. A Fire is very easy to extinguish if it is still in it is initial stages! Even better than that is the fact that if you do not let it get started, you do not have to fight it!

Based on the above, products work two ways.

The first and most beneficial is thatproducts make the initial ignition of the treated surface tremendously difficult to ignite in the first place. As heat is applied to the treated surface, our products intumesce (the swell and char) blocking the oxygen from the fuel and insulating the heat from the fuel. (Remember, to have combustion (fire) you need heat, oxygen, and fuel to combine). If we can block the combustion process long enough, (for example till the cigarette burns out) there will be no fire!

The second way it works is, if the heat source remains long enough, our products will slow the combustion down and keep the fire small for a lot longer time than if the item was not treated. This retarding effect gives you and your loved ones time to escape. It also give the firefighters more time to minimize damage.

Q. How long do your products last after application?

A. Our products are effective until removed by cleaning, painting, washing or excessive moisture contacting them. Basically: Ourfor Fabric treatment is good until you have the item cleaned. Spray it on and retreat it each time it is cleaned. A lot of people will throw the couch or chair away, before they will have it cleaned. Minor spills will not affect it. Ourfor wood Class B treatment is intended for indoor use (where it shouldnĂt be exposed to moisture or rain). It should be good for the life of the structure as long as not exposed to flooding or something like that. Ourfor wood Class A is much tougher. It has been tested to withstand 200 inches of rain. Our recommendations for this product are: That roof applications be retreated every year. In a wild fire situation (the one you are probably treating the roof for in the first place) the roof of the structure is the most vulnerable place on the structure. Hot embers can fly from a fire for miles, and drop on the roof. Untreated wood roofs will start to burn very quickly and the resulting fire will very soon become too big and hot to control. Exterior sidewall, under the eaves, and places that donĂt get direct rain, snow or moisture on them, should need to be retreated about every 5 or 6 years.

Q. What is the best way to apply these products?

A. Application sheets are downloadable here for each product. You can view them online, or download them and print them.

Q. Can I paint over or apply a finish over the top of your products?

A. Codes being different in all locations makes this hard to answer. Our product will work to protect the wood just fine under another coat of paint or stain. However, we go one step further in evaluating whether you should over coat our product. We ask, What is it that you are trying to protect in this particular area. If it is an Exit way then it is not the structure that you are trying to protect, it is the people. We think that when itĂs the people youĂre protecting, then the Flame Retardant should be the outer most coat. If it is not an Exit or Exit path then it is the structure you are trying to protect. In these cases painting or over-coating will not affect the protection. If a fire occurs close to the protected surface, then the over-coat might flash off leaving the Flame Retardant to do it is job. Check with your Fire Marshall or Compliance Officer to see what local code allows.

Q. Why should I treat my furniture and house?

A. A very much better question would be Why would not you treat your possessions and protect your loved ones! It is not like it costs an arm and a leg to purchase or apply! Are you handy at all? These products can be applied by the consumer. Not interested in applying it yourself? We have applicators ready, willing, and able to apply it for you. We have heard, recently, that some people are willing to just let the fire consume their homes and let the insurance pay up! They obviously donĂt realize that you always lose with an insurance claim! After deductibles, losses that are not covered, and general bureaucracy, your losses are not nearly covered. The wild lands around you will self recover in a few years, but many of the items you lose will never be replaced.

Q. What is your guarantee/warrantee?

A. The following is taken directly from the label: DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY. As it is impossible to control the use or application of this product, Southern Polymer Tech, Inc. and its distributors exclude and disclaim all warranties for this product, express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose. User is strongly encouraged to consider professional application of product. Contact for list of qualified applicators or for additional information. What does that mean? It means that since we did not apply the product and donĂt know what application rates, standards or methods were used, we can not warrantee anything. The manufacturer and has the ultimate responsibility of making the product correctly. They keep a sample of every batch of product produced. This puts them in the position of being able to establish that the product did work when it left their control. We also keep a sample of each batch that we deliver also, for the same reason. We recommend that each of our applicators keep a sample of product from each job for which they do the application. We do not claim anything treated with these products is fire proof or flame proof. We do not claim that anything treated with these products will not burn.

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Flametard Fire Retardant Coating (FT)
Flametard Fire Retardant Coating (FT)
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