Open Concept Bed Instructions

Open Concept Bed Instructions

Open Concept Solid Wood Adult Loft Bed 1000 Lbs Wt. Capacity (USM)
Open Concept Solid Wood Adult Loft Bed 1000 Lbs Wt. Capacity (USM)
Open Concept Solid Wood Adult Loft Bed 1000 Lbs Wt. Capacity (USM)

Please Make Sure The Bed Is Squared Before Tightening The Lock Nuts And Washers

It is recommended that you put a Bunkie Board on top of the slats. You can purchased the Bunkie Board from us or go to a local Hardware Store, such as Home Depot

to have one cut for you. For the Queen Size or wider bed, a Bunkie Board must be used.

Parts List For Open Concept Bed:

8-2"x6" Vertical Post (To Be The Height Ordered)

2-Bed Rails 2"x6" with 2"x2" Ledge. (For Regular Twin And Full 75" Long. For Regular Queen Size 80" Long, For Extra Long Beds 80" Long, For Dorm XXL 84" Long)

2-Bed Spacers For The Head And Foot Of the Bed. 2"x4" (By The Size Of The Bed Ordered)

5-Bed Slats 2"x4" (For The Regular Bed)(Extra Long Bed Wit Get 6-Slats, Dorm XXL Bed Will Get 7-Slats)(If The Additional 200 Lbs. Weight Capacity Is Chosen Then You Get A Roll Of 14 -Slats)

4-Safety Rails, 2"x4". One Long One For The Wall Side, Two Short Ones For The Head And Foot Of The Bed) One Short One For The Front Of The Bed With Ladder Gap. Size Will Depend On The Bed
That is ordered.

3-Lower Support Rails, 2"x4". One Long One For The Wall Side Two Short Ones For The Head And Foot Of The Bed. Sizes Will Depend On The Bed That Is Ordered.

1-Ladder Post 2"x4" x The Height Of The Bed That Is Ordered.

4-Front Ladder Rungs, 2"x4".

1-Bag Of Hardware, Includes 5-1/4" Bolt, Lock Nuts Washers and 2-1/4" Black Screws

Options Installation

Triangle Supports


National warranties its products for as long as the original owner owns the bed. During this time we will repair or replace defective components that we consider defective due to materials or workmanship. We will not replace components due to user misuse, modification or improper installation. In the event components are damaged due to user misuse, modification or improper installation, National will replace components upon owners request and expense.

Components that are warped, damaged or missing during shipping will be replaced by National  In some cases to expedite this process we may ask the customer to purchase the replacement components locally and you will be reimbursed for actual replacement costs.

Safety Guidelines

Since National cannot control the quality of the assembly nor modifications made to the loft, we will not be held legally liable from any accidents, injuries or property damage resulting from the use of our loft.

Because of the very nature of sleeping on an elevated surface, there are obvious and inherent risks involved due to falling. This risk is enhanced when consciousness is limited or impaired due to sleep, lack of sleep, illness, consumption of alcohol, taking medications, inhalation of smoke/fumes or similar factors. The loft is an all natural wood product and will burn when fire or sufficient heat is present. Elevated beds may also create obstructions or impediments that increase the hazards encountered in a fire or other emergency by hindering evacuation or fire suppression activities. Customers who choose to use our loft shall be deemed to have assumed all risks of accidents, injury and property damage associated with their use.

As a general safety precaution do not place the loft near any window, door, closet, fire/smoke alarm or ceiling fan. All college residence halls have specific requirements regarding the use and placement of lofts and students are required to follow all college requirements. The safety rail must be in use at all times.

These instructions can be used for many of our beds such as The Brute, High Riser, Triple Bunk Bed, 

Bunk Bed, Loft Bed, L-Shape Bed, Triple L Shape Bed. The assembly concept is the same and can be used as a guide. 

This instruction is the property of National, Inc. It is intended to help our customers assemble the Bed that is purchased from us. It is illegal to use it for any other purpose. 


Safety Rails Must Be Used At All Times

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