Bed Bug Proof Mattress

Bed Bug Proof Mattress Cover In recent years, American Bedding has pioneered a new kind of mattress cover to address the growing problem of bed bugs. We have created our new inverted seam mattress cover, which has been independently certified through rigorous testing to be Bed Bug Proof. The unique Bed Bug Proof qualities of our mattress covers are twofold: the fabric from which they are made and the unique way in which those fabrics are sewn together. Our Bed Bug Proof covers are made from either SOFlux OX™ Nylon or ANTI-BAC™ Vinyl fabric, which do not provide hiding spots for bedbugs. Unlike these smooth, anti-bacterial surfaces, regular quilted ticking gives the bed bugs room to burrow in and hide during the day, as well as a place to reproduce and lay their eggs. Additionally, a standard quilted mattress has seams that have been tape-edged together, allowing more places for the bed bugs to run and hide. Even a standard Nylon or Vinyl cover often has these seams and edges that allow the bed bugs places to hide and reproduce. The unique design of our Bed Bug Proof cover has an inverted seam, and a rubberized, bed bug proof closure, making it a hostile environment for the bed bugs, and giving them no place to proliferate. Choosing a bed bug proof cover can save rescue shelters, transitional housing residences, and even summer camps from the pain and frustration associated with bed bugs, and can save those organizations the time and money involved with eradicating Bed Bugs and replacing contaminated sleep surfaces. Categorized in: Bed Bug Proof Mattress Cover, Transitional Housing, Homeless Shelter, Disaster Relief, Rescue Mission, Emergency Shelter, Safe Haven, Adult Rehabilitation Center, Single Room Occupancy Center, Inverted Seam Mattress Cover

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