Front Ladder Assembly Instructions




The Front Ladder is assembled similar to the ladder ends.  Lay the legs on the floor with the side you want facing up.  Place a small bead of wood glue at the base and sides of each area and spread it out evenly covering the entire area.  Place the rungs into the area you want lining them up flush with the outside of the legs.  Use 2 screws to fasten each rung to the legs.  Drive the screws nice and tight.  While driving the screws, make sure there is no gap between the rung and the leg.  Suggestion, drive the screw half-way into the leg, then unscrew it so it is just comes out of the leg, then drive it all the way in.  The screw should recess about into the rung to make a nice tight fit.  Note, due to temperature and humidity differences the rungs may have expanded and may need to be slightly sanded to fit. 


The Front Ladder may be attached to either the left or right side of the loft.  From behind each rung use four (4) 2 screws to fasten the leg to the existing loft leg.  From behind the front rail, use two (2) 2 screws to fasten each leg to the front rail.


Fasten the safety rail to the inside of the front legs 2 - 3 above the mattress with 1 5/8 screws.


Please note: The Front Ladder Legs are not notched.


Included in this Shipment

(2) Front Ladder Legs

(4) Ladder Rungs for 69 legs or (5) for 83 legs

(24) 2 Drywall Screws